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Monday, September 10, 2012

Good-bye Army Wives

I love the series, "Army Wives". Plain and simple, I think they are great. Since my daughter is an Army Wife, that explains why I started watching them.

They presented stories that were tackled and resolved in one episode, usually. The aftermath of one episode would be around for a while, but mostly it was resolved.

I have had a problem with the series this year as they added a homosexual couple or same sex couple, whichever you prefer. This goes against my Christian doctrine and belief. However, I kept saying it will be okay.

Then  they got married. Folks, if you are Christian, marriage is between a man and woman. I am and I have that marriage. I still hung in there. The devil made me do it. Or more likely my own sinful nature kept saying, this is okay.

Then they wanted a baby.

Well, a pregnancy didn't happen. Adoption is the option.

Another storyline had a couple with marriage difficulties and the man had a one night stand with another girl. She got pregnant. She was alone and he wouldn't help as far as taking care of the baby or wanting to make a family with her. She went to the wife, about to be ex, and she talked to the man and he helped her with money.

Sunday's  episode was the season finale. Pregnant girl came again to say she could not keep the baby and raise it by herself. Wife talked to hubby, but nothing could be resolved.

Now, mutual friend steps in. Has pregnant girl meet with same sex couple. She has little to say.
When she does, she says she can't do this. She's Christian and they are sinners. I am feeling better about this, when, wham. Hubby discovers that one of the women of the couple was the person responsible for getting his group of soldiers out of a very sticky situation. He was against it up til now, and then goes, " She's nice people. She's a colonel. She wants to raise my kid?"  Well, he thinks that would be pretty cool. He talks to the pregnant girl. She says, " They are sinners. I can't do it." His response is that they, too are sinners. Which is true. They, however, are trying to make the best of it by giving the child a good home and staying away from the particular sin that put them here. When he points this the pregnant girl caves and says she will give the baby to the women.

Now, folks, if they had used Muslim, Hindu, or Shiite in this situation, I can pretty well imagine the brew ha ha that would erupt.

They not only made Christians look wishy-washy, but liars and whatever else you choose to read into this.

Please do not think that I am perfect or think so, I just think if you believe in something stand up for it. Someone is going to call you on it, and there will have to be decisions made. We all sin. We all make mistakes. As Christians. we believe that all are forgiven by God for our sins, if we believe. It is there for us.

I will miss Roxy, Trevor, Colonel Sheridan and company, but it is adios, mi amigos.

My decision is to stop watching and telling all I know that I have done so and why.