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Friday, October 29, 2010


      Writing always SOUNDS fun, then I sit down and try to decide what to write about and how to write about it.

      I receive several writing newsletters and go to several writing sites trying to improve my writing. The problem is, that nothing helps if you don't write. I really don't like to say I  am "trying" to do anything, because, if you are trying odds are you are not accomplishing. Therefore, I write. You may however, see it as me trying to write.

     The problem that I have with writing advice is that they say to revise and revise and then one more revise. I find that once I write on a subject I am done with it. Until next time.

     Anyone out there know what I mean? My writing always looks good to me, until I hit publish or send, and then it looks awful. Nasty, even.

    I have enjoyed getting comments here on the things I have written and I enjoy getting personal comments from people, face to face, who have liked what I have written. I thank you all for that.

     I will continue to blog and write about stuff and hope you continue to enjoy it. Right now, I think I hear some chocolate calling my name.

     Until next time, have some chocolate and enjoy the sunshine.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


     Well, we had a great week-end.

           On Saturday we went to Springfield to entertain our granddaughter while parents had something else to do. We went to the Nature center there and had a great time. It is always fun with grandchildren. She is our youngest and closest, geographically, so we see her often. She is the closest now, since they moved from Hawaii, so we are making up for lost time together.

       While we were in Springfield, we visited with my sweet niece who was in the hospital for a total knee replacement, which went well and she seems to continue to do so. That was nice.

       When we came back to Branson we went to Circle B for the kick-off of their Chuckwagons of the West jamboree. We got to see our Circle B friends and Diamond W Wranglers from Witchita. They were great.
It felt like a night with the neighbors jamming out with cowboy music.

        On Sunday we went to St. Louis with our daughter and family to see Bill Cosby at the Fox theatre. If you have never seen that theatre, I highly recommend it. It is gorgeous. My husband was nearly as taken with it as with Cosby, who is always funny and facinating. He just comes out on the stage  and talks for two hours, then he's gone. venour seven year old granddaughter enjoyed it and said he would be even funnier next time.

       Yesterday when we got home  I got on the computer and discovered that Lloyd Presley had passed away on Saturday afternoon. He was the
founder of the live music shows on the hiway 76 strip here in Branson. They were the first to have a theater there. He will be missed.

        It was a wonderful week-end.

        Til next time, have a great day.


Friday, October 22, 2010

Doctors Part II

     I re-read my doctors post and decided that I needed to take a different tac to it.

           The doctor really made me angry because he asked why I had taken the way of radiation, since I had an excellent (his words) prognosis without it. He said the radiation is cumulative. I think I know what that means, but I was too stunned to respond to that. I did it that way, because a doctor I trusted said that was the best way to stave off a revisit of cancer in that region.

           I have done some research and found that there is evidence that it is not a bad thing to do. I think my age and the involvement of the tumor, made it a good option.

            My question is why did he question me and why do I have to do the three month check-up for the year and then five years of six month check-up. I know, I am asking the wrong people, perhaps, but how do you get back to a doctor to ask him without making an appointment and taking time that someone else could use? I hate that I feel as though I am surrounded by fences and doors and no way through.

            I told my friend of this and she said "Fire him." I may. Except what have I really accomplished if I do? I will probably go back for one more check-up and ask more questions. I know I have been told to make a list of questions to ask. Now, how do you get yourself to ask questions when the whole thing comes a surprise?

           What a question, since I am trying to make a living with words. You would think I would be faster on my feet, but perhaps that will come as I get more used to seeing doctors and having my body pushed, pulled and moved into their positions.

          Thank you for reading and listening.

          Have a blessed day.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


     This year I have seen more doctors than all my previous years put together. I have had two primary care physicians, two gynecologists, two radiologists and one surgeon.

            My one primary moved to another job, which is good for him and bad for me.

            My surgeon has moved on to Pennsylvania, so my six month check up had to be done by someone else. I chose to have a gynecologist here in town. The surgeon's office was going to have me go to one in the town where the surgery was done, so I asked to pick my own, and they didn't care as long as I did it soon.

            The original gynecologist that diagnosed my cancer had turned me over to the surgeon and she was not in my hometown, so she was not going to be chosen by me. I should have stayed with her. The one I chose may be replaced as I was not really thrilled with his attitude, but perhaps I am too soon the judge.

             Just let me say that for the most part all my doctors are wonderful. I just thought the gynecologist was a bit rough and I may be a bit tender.

             I miss the days of having one doctor from cradle to grave and I am not sure it was like that even when I was growing up. I do know that my kids had the same doctor for several years and we all loved him, except the one who was getting the shot.

            I also know that it used to be when you went to the doctor and had to go to the hospital, your doctor would take care of you in the hospital, doing the visits and the meds.

            I miss that.

            Have a great day in the sunshine.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


     Everyone gets one, one way or another, either we go to a shop, our mother or ourselves.
      Cutting something is always an adventure that we want to have. To see the seperation of the material, whether it be cloth, soil, or hair, is a fascination. We seem to think that perhaps we can put it back together, and if we can't, we wonder why. If you do put it back together, it will always show where that was done.
      Our granddaughter discovered the other day what a joy, and a heartbreak cutting can be.
       She cut her own hair. At school. During class.
       Mom was not pleased. She asked her when she cut it and the conversation follows.
       Mom: "What is wrong with your hair?'
       Granddaughter:"I cut it."
       M:"What? WHAT? You did what?"
       GD: " I cut it. In school."
        M: " No one said anything"
       GD: "No, Mom, they were paying attention to the teacher."
        M: "Where was the teacher?"
       GD:"At the blackboard. I was paying attention, Mom, that's what I am supposed to do. Pay attention to the teacher."
       M:"And no one said anything."
       GD:"No,Mom. They were paying attention to the teacher. I was too, that's what we are supposed to. Mom, please watch your voice. Don't embarrass me."
       Later that day, Daddy came home. Mom told him about the conversation. He asked if Mom laughed. Not really.
        Next morning getting ready for school.
        M:" Where did you put the hair?"
        GD:"In my desk."
        M:" Please clean it out of your desk and bring it home."
        GD:"But, mom, I can't clean out my desk. It's Thursday."
        M:"I know. Please clean out your desk and bring home your hair."
        GD:"But, it's Thursday."
        M:"I know, but why can't you do it on Thursday?"
        GD:"They will think I'm stupid. We clean out our desks on FRIDAY and it's THURSDAY."
         M:"Fine. Bring it home Friday."
         And this would be the reason Mom is going back to work full time.
    Enjoy your next hair cut and pay attention to the teacher.