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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


     Well, we had a great week-end.

           On Saturday we went to Springfield to entertain our granddaughter while parents had something else to do. We went to the Nature center there and had a great time. It is always fun with grandchildren. She is our youngest and closest, geographically, so we see her often. She is the closest now, since they moved from Hawaii, so we are making up for lost time together.

       While we were in Springfield, we visited with my sweet niece who was in the hospital for a total knee replacement, which went well and she seems to continue to do so. That was nice.

       When we came back to Branson we went to Circle B for the kick-off of their Chuckwagons of the West jamboree. We got to see our Circle B friends and Diamond W Wranglers from Witchita. They were great.
It felt like a night with the neighbors jamming out with cowboy music.

        On Sunday we went to St. Louis with our daughter and family to see Bill Cosby at the Fox theatre. If you have never seen that theatre, I highly recommend it. It is gorgeous. My husband was nearly as taken with it as with Cosby, who is always funny and facinating. He just comes out on the stage  and talks for two hours, then he's gone. venour seven year old granddaughter enjoyed it and said he would be even funnier next time.

       Yesterday when we got home  I got on the computer and discovered that Lloyd Presley had passed away on Saturday afternoon. He was the
founder of the live music shows on the hiway 76 strip here in Branson. They were the first to have a theater there. He will be missed.

        It was a wonderful week-end.

        Til next time, have a great day.


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