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Monday, July 21, 2014


We decided to put our house on the market in May and it sold in a week.
We decided to go on vacation as planned, even though we did not have a house to move into.
We decided that it would be fine.
We decided not to get too worked up over the fact that our realtor would be gone for a week before we left for two weeks. It would be fine.
We went on vacation and had a grand time. As you can see from the A B C posts.
We came back and began our search a new abode.
This one was too old. This one was too needy. This one was to be ours.
Made the offer. Got accepted. Got the house inspection scheduled.
House failed inspection. We cancelled the deal.
This is it.
We found another house that we and our realtor fell for. Hook, line and sinker.
Made an offer.
Next day get a phone call from realtor. A person walked up to the house in question knocked on the door and said I want your house. Here is the money you want when I get it from the bank. They accepted their offer.
Did I mention we had CASH? They took the other one anyway.
It is now moving out time minus a week. Dear friends offered their basement and we moved in.
The next day was signing day for our old house and the following day we went house hunting. Again.
Looked at two houses. The first one, hubby said hubba hubba.
The next one won a thumbs down.
Made offer on first house. Met with thumbs down.
Made another offer.
We won!
I forgot something pertinent: Our stuff resided in three, no make that four, storage units plus what we had with us in a fifth place.
We are now in our new house.
Husband put together a cake this morning, without measuring instruments.
It baked up just fine.
I am now going to frost it.
Got out the butter. The milk. The bowl.
Um, where is the powdered sugar?
It will be fine.