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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Breakfast Cookies

The other day on a post, one of my 500 wordgang put out a recipe called Breakfast Cookies.
I took the recipe to my husband, who is the baker and cooker in our household, and he said they sounded good.

That was two days ago.

Yesterday when he went out to run the garbage can down to the street and a few other little errands, he stopped by the freezer, which we keep in the garage, and it was dead.

I heard thumps and bumps and wondered what he was doing. I went out to the garage and he was loading up sacks with food. I asked what was going on. He said the freezer isn't working. What are we going to do with the food? Do you want me to take that to church when I go to bell practice?
He thought he would call a neighbor first and see if he had any room. He didn't.

Hubby said he would take me to practice and  we would leave the food at church in their freezers.

Off we go to church and he to find a freezer.
 He picked me up and we went to check out one of the freezers he had found.
We went to the big box store and found a freezer we could live with, actually, we like it, and they can deliver it today. Which is great.

And now, to the cookies.

This morning I was greeted by my best man with, " Well, they are what they are."

To which I brilliantly replied, " Whaaaaaaa?"

" The cookies."
" Oh."
The recipe calls for bananas, oatmeal, raisins, coconut, chocolate chips, egg, sugar, cinnamon and oil.

What we have is bananas, oatmeal, raisins, egg, sugar, cinnamon and oil.

The coconut and chocolate chips were in the church freezer, two miles away, which left us with bananas, oatmeal. And may I add, about a handful of raisins.

They are wonderful. Think how they would be if we had it all. Or may be this is how they will be at my house.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Finding Time

We have all heard the expression. We have all used it.

When I find enough time, I will call my friend.

When I find the time, I will make that present for a birthday gift.

When I find the time, I will read that book everyone is talking about.

If we have to find the time, where did we loose it? When did we loose it?

We even say we will make time. Man, I want to learn that. How would you go about making time? Maybe you could turn your clock back an hour. Or maybe there is an hour bush out in the back yard that you could go pluck some time from.

Why do we do this?

We know you can't make time. We also know you can't find time.

Where would it hide, under the bed? In the rose garden? Perhaps, in the closet?

What I do know is that each day is 24 hours long. 1440 minutes. 86400 seconds. Now how are you going to stretch that? Or find more of it? You can't.

You can however, manage it better.
 You could spend less time watching re-runs of Gilligan's Island. You could spend that time writing.

  You could spend less time wondering where the time went and just use it to call that friend.
 You could spend less time berating yourself for wasting time.
 Just spend it with joy.
 If your joy is fifteen minutes of doing nothing, then do it.

What we should all do is try to do things with our time that makes us pleased with how we spend our
time, because, spend it we shall. We have no choice. It comes and it goes. What we do with it is our choice.

Did you know that God made time? At the time of creation, he made the sun and moon to tell the difference between night and day. The first day was decided by the passing of the evening and morning. So, if God made it and ordained it, we should use it to the fullest extent we can.

We should praise and thank God with our time by using wisely.

Wisely means doing something that you enjoy or that will accomplish what you want. If you want to get a degree, study and do it. It won't be a waste of time. You may not be able to go and play as much as you want, but you will have the degree. You will have done what you want. In all that studying, reading and writing, take time out, maybe on your way to the next class to notice what you pass. It won't take that much time, and you may see something interesting. Make a note of it when you get to class.

Wisely also means to do with intention.

Do what makes your life lighter. Laugh. Love. Live.

Until next time.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thank You God for Poop

When my kids were younger, grade school, I was the superintendent for our church's VBS. For those of you who may not know it is Vacation Bible School.

We were new to the area and the church, so we didn't know all the kids and their backgrounds.

Everyone knew Paul. He was ornery and cute as a button. He lived to shock. He was in  first grade and the teachers for that class were high school girls. One was the teacher and the other was her assistant.

 Vacation Bible School is chaotic with children meeting friends they hadn't seen in a month since the end of school. Making new friends from children outside the church and community, invited by friends and relatives to take part.

It was the third day of a five day course.

The schedule was that the children met en masse to do music, then divided into groups that went to crafts, treats, games or to story time. The teachers were to do crafts and story time. There were others in charge of treats and out side time.

His teachers had all ready had his group for  crafts and had a break while they were in treats. They came together to do the story time and finished the story time with prayers.

Each child was asked what they were grateful for, and most of the ten children had said moms, dads, dogs, Jesus, and the teachers. Paul, however, said he was grateful for poop.

It brought the room down to hysterics. The boys thought it funny. The girls thought it was gross. Paul grinned.

The teacher said amen.

When the kids were gone and we were all discussing the day, Paul's teacher said we had something interesting happen. And then they told the story.

It brought the room down. The Pastor was not happy. The superintendent thought it was funny.

They didn't ask me to reprise my job.

As I grow older, I fully appreciate Paul's thankfulness for poop.