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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Doctor, The Continuuing Saga

  I had my first appointment with my doctor sometime back, and all went well.

  I think he even liked me. He found that I had fluid behind my eardrum, so prescribed some nasal spray and Mucinex to get rid of it.

   We got along well, and he has a nice staff.

   Managed to get out of a colonoscopy for another year. Got a smear test instead.  Not sure which is worse, but think the scope thing is.

   Everything is going fine, healthwise.

    Til next time, enjoy the beautiful fall weather we are having here in the Ozarks.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I come to my computer or blank paper with trepidation about what to write and whait I will do with it when written. I have read many things on writing and know that I am not alone. My problem is: I manage to give up when I look at the blank screen or paper.   My mind runs rampant with ideas and sentences when I am not near a writing surface.  I think I will remember it and put it down later, but we all know that "later" never makes it here.

I do love to write, but I have trouble coming up with a story to write.  I want to just put down words and sometimes, I do really wel. I have come across some stuff I have written over the years and discover that I have a neat turn of phrase.  Howver, I never seem to know what to do with it after it is neartly turned.  I have lots of those and they are toatally unrelated to each other.  I have a cool description of a lady lying on a beach that is almost erotic, What do I do with that?  When I try tell a story, it reads like a telephone book. Just the facts. No interaction, no action.

I get frustrated. I have a husband who is frustrated about it, because when he starts something, he finishes it.  Has no clue how I manage to start so much stuff and finish nothing.

Neither do I.

All great writers say they are only story tellers.  Great.  When I stat to write a story, I see my daughter sighing,  and saying, " Get to the point.", and I just shrivel.  It does not have to be her, anyone I tell a story to seem s to do that. Am I too wordy?   Too slow?  Or just a terrible teller?  I have no idea, but will keep you posted on my progress. Maybe even post a story now and then.

Have a great day and thanks for listening.