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Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I come to my computer or blank paper with trepidation about what to write and whait I will do with it when written. I have read many things on writing and know that I am not alone. My problem is: I manage to give up when I look at the blank screen or paper.   My mind runs rampant with ideas and sentences when I am not near a writing surface.  I think I will remember it and put it down later, but we all know that "later" never makes it here.

I do love to write, but I have trouble coming up with a story to write.  I want to just put down words and sometimes, I do really wel. I have come across some stuff I have written over the years and discover that I have a neat turn of phrase.  Howver, I never seem to know what to do with it after it is neartly turned.  I have lots of those and they are toatally unrelated to each other.  I have a cool description of a lady lying on a beach that is almost erotic, What do I do with that?  When I try tell a story, it reads like a telephone book. Just the facts. No interaction, no action.

I get frustrated. I have a husband who is frustrated about it, because when he starts something, he finishes it.  Has no clue how I manage to start so much stuff and finish nothing.

Neither do I.

All great writers say they are only story tellers.  Great.  When I stat to write a story, I see my daughter sighing,  and saying, " Get to the point.", and I just shrivel.  It does not have to be her, anyone I tell a story to seem s to do that. Am I too wordy?   Too slow?  Or just a terrible teller?  I have no idea, but will keep you posted on my progress. Maybe even post a story now and then.

Have a great day and thanks for listening.

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