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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Personal Relationship

I have thought about this subject a long time. I haven't done anything about it other that to think it through.

We have three children and only one of them has a personal relationship with us.

What does that mean? It means that she calls when she needs something, whether it is an actual something or just to vent. It means that she says she loves us whenever we talk, whether it is long or short. It means she counts on us to do what we say we will do.

The other two children, adults, now, will talk to us if we contact them and there is no personal relationship. They do not tell us about their day. If we ask they will share mundane, vague references about family and jobs and what they are doing.

We have seven grandchildren. We have a personal relationship with one. She is not an adult, yet, but still she will call and tell us she is eating our favorite Toaster Strudel flavor and giggle, because she is eating it and wecan't, because she is two hours away. She may save us one, or not, but she thinks it is funny to call and say she is eating it. It is.

If we contact our other grandchildren they will talk to us. But never call. We don't have a hateful relationship with any of these people. We just don't have a personal relationship with them.

This all comes back to my original thoughts on personal relationships with God. As a Lutheran, we don't really talk much about a personal relationship with God. Our relationship starts with baptism, which we do at birth or shortly after, and, yes, we baptise adults, and is put on a " personal" level at confirmation, when we re-afirm our vows made for us at baptism. Usually, after that you may see us in church once a month. That is personal enough for a lot of people. We show up at Christmas( His birthday) and Easter ( His feeling better day), just as our children show up for our birthdays and anniversaries. So, maybe I was a little optimistic on the once a month.

If God talks to us we accept the call and give him mundane answers to questions and say we love him and hang up.

Then something terrible happens and we shoot him a 911 call, and he answers. We say " thank you" and go on about our business.

Those of us who come to a personal relationship with God talk to him all the time. Whether you want to call that prayer or conversation, I leave to you. Personal relationship with God doesn't depend on how you got there: whether by baby baptism, confirmation, or adult belief after trying all the sins to the hilt. It depends on YOU talking to HIM and sharing all your cares, joys and sorrows. He is there for you whether it is a personal relationship or a passing one. Just cast all your cares on him.

Remember that personal relationships are, well, personal. You do not need to shout from the roof tops, just smile, giggle and cry with Him in your heart, home and soul.

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