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Monday, August 8, 2011

Doctors: Part II

    Well, I have made an appointment with another doctor. We shall see how this turns out. After I had made the appointment , I discovered that he was DO rather than an MD, but since he is in a clinic that is affiliated with the hospital where my surgery was done, figured it would be okay. And he is in network of my insurance.

    When I told my daughter that he was a doctor of osteopathy she had no idea what that meant. I tried to explain, but discovered that I'm not sure what that is. At one point, they were considered to be alternative medicine. More along the holistic side. Since I seem to be sending md's running for the hills, perhaps I can keep this doctor, providing that my insurance doesn't change much next year.

    Ah, keeping healthy should not be this hard.

   Until next time.

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