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Thursday, August 18, 2011

5 Ways Going to New Doctor is Like a Blind Date

      1. Anxiety
          Will he like me? Will I act like a total nerd? Does it matter? He's my DOCTOR. I will not be having a meal with him, or introducing him to my family, probably. So why this anxiety?  Meeting new people.

     2. What will he be like?
         Tall, short, ugly, likable?
         The tall or short or even ugly, really doesn't matter, much. You really do want him to be personable, and maybe even funny.

     3. Will he like me?
         Really? Mostly I just don't him to run screaming out of the door, saying," Get me away from her!". It is nice if your doctor doesn't hate you.

      4. Will he be on time?
         I hate when I have to meet someone and we set the time and I am left hanging for a half hour wondering if they remembered we had made the appointment or if they are lying in a ditch somewhere bleeding.

       5. Will I like him?
          This is really important to me. It is at number 5 because it is the one I think of last and most.
I need to at least tolerate him, since he holds my health in his hands.

       Any of these can be a negative at the first meeting, but you only one try to make a great first impression.

      May I just say, my new doctor made a great first impression.

      He told me he would be around until at least Friday.

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