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Sunday, March 30, 2014

I have the hardest time saying "no".

 It's simple.

It is only two letters.

Nothing really groundbreaking about it.

I just can't say it.

It isn't that I could never say it to my kids. That was no problem. You are concerned with their well-being and safety. You have to say no. No other way.

I don't say it outright to my husband, but he gets the idea that there are some things I am not gonna do. Skydiving. Deep sea fishing. Anything that means I have to go into deep water. Well, some boating, maybe.

But, when it comes to organizations to whom I belong: church, writing groups, grandkids.

If I do say no, I have to do so with excuses. You know, the I don't know if I will be in town, I have two other things scheduled. That kind of thing.

When I see something offered for free. Yes is the only answer.
 Now, what in the world am I going to do with fifty- five flamingoes? Probably not much. Can't sell them, that's how I got them. The other guy couldn't sell them either.

I write. In case you haven't noticed. And by so doing I get all kinds of offers and encouragements to do things.

A 500 word a day challenge, which I accepted and have done pretty well in honoring.

A Poem A Day challenge, which I accepted and did not do so well on.

One that is coming up and I am thinking about is a blog a day for 26 days.

What I am trying to say here is that just because something is offered to you it is okay to say no.

Just no.
 No explanations, no excuses, nothing. Just no.

No one will give you lashes, or not talk to you, well maybe your boss if you tell him no.

In the realm of daily life you need to decide what you can do and what you cannot do.
 Inspect where the offer is coming from and how it will affect your life and decide yes or no.

I accepted the Blog A Day A to Z challenge. Stay tuned and see how I do.

 And enjoy your life.


I have accepted the challenge to blog every day in April except Sundays for the A to Z Challenge. I am to pick a subject with a letter of the alphabet. Since we don't do Sundays, it works out great for the challenge.

I have decided to do random subjects for each letter.

I will start with Ageing.

Come back on Tuesday to see what I have to say.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

My Writing Success

The prompt for today was to tell what your writing success looks like. Show don't tell.

Would you believe that I have NEVER thought of the success part of it? Oh, I have thought about the clamoring fans, the book signings, and the dashing from t v interview to t v interview. But to think of the actual success and how it would feel? No.

To make me feel successful would be to have the people who love me love what I do and not just because I did it, but because it was good. Very good.

That has been the one thing that has made me hang back from writing more. I can't seem to get anyone to convince me that what they think is good is really good.

Does that mean that I have to earn a million dollars in a month to impress and be impressed?

Probably not.

My success would look like pleasure. The gentle smile on my husband's face as he reads the article in the magazine when he says, " That's good."

The giggle of my grown daughter who says "Momma, that's really good."

Feedback from other writers is something I crave for the things I write. Not just my comments on Facebook or the messages we exchange, but for the blog I struggle over.

But, success really looks like me continuing to write and say, " I have something to share."