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Sunday, March 2, 2014

My Writing Success

The prompt for today was to tell what your writing success looks like. Show don't tell.

Would you believe that I have NEVER thought of the success part of it? Oh, I have thought about the clamoring fans, the book signings, and the dashing from t v interview to t v interview. But to think of the actual success and how it would feel? No.

To make me feel successful would be to have the people who love me love what I do and not just because I did it, but because it was good. Very good.

That has been the one thing that has made me hang back from writing more. I can't seem to get anyone to convince me that what they think is good is really good.

Does that mean that I have to earn a million dollars in a month to impress and be impressed?

Probably not.

My success would look like pleasure. The gentle smile on my husband's face as he reads the article in the magazine when he says, " That's good."

The giggle of my grown daughter who says "Momma, that's really good."

Feedback from other writers is something I crave for the things I write. Not just my comments on Facebook or the messages we exchange, but for the blog I struggle over.

But, success really looks like me continuing to write and say, " I have something to share."


  1. I understand what you are saying here, Stella. So many of us are in secure in our writing but in the end have to find the success within. That post someone shares or even just let us know resonates with them, is where I find the roots of success. I think we just want our writing to matter first of all.

    1. Thank you commenting. You are right about the roots of success. I appreciate the viewing and the comments.

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  3. Stella, what I think is good, really good about your writing is that it's a straight shot from your heart. Love it that you present your truth directly with no undue or insincere embellishment. That quality of simple candor is lovely. Thank you.

    1. Tonia, thank you for your comment and thank you for visiting.

  4. "Momma, that's really good." Honestly, when my kids love my writing is when I'm happiest. I'm glad you find support at home. That would feel successful to me, too!