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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thank You God for Poop

When my kids were younger, grade school, I was the superintendent for our church's VBS. For those of you who may not know it is Vacation Bible School.

We were new to the area and the church, so we didn't know all the kids and their backgrounds.

Everyone knew Paul. He was ornery and cute as a button. He lived to shock. He was in  first grade and the teachers for that class were high school girls. One was the teacher and the other was her assistant.

 Vacation Bible School is chaotic with children meeting friends they hadn't seen in a month since the end of school. Making new friends from children outside the church and community, invited by friends and relatives to take part.

It was the third day of a five day course.

The schedule was that the children met en masse to do music, then divided into groups that went to crafts, treats, games or to story time. The teachers were to do crafts and story time. There were others in charge of treats and out side time.

His teachers had all ready had his group for  crafts and had a break while they were in treats. They came together to do the story time and finished the story time with prayers.

Each child was asked what they were grateful for, and most of the ten children had said moms, dads, dogs, Jesus, and the teachers. Paul, however, said he was grateful for poop.

It brought the room down to hysterics. The boys thought it funny. The girls thought it was gross. Paul grinned.

The teacher said amen.

When the kids were gone and we were all discussing the day, Paul's teacher said we had something interesting happen. And then they told the story.

It brought the room down. The Pastor was not happy. The superintendent thought it was funny.

They didn't ask me to reprise my job.

As I grow older, I fully appreciate Paul's thankfulness for poop.

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