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Thursday, October 7, 2010


     Everyone gets one, one way or another, either we go to a shop, our mother or ourselves.
      Cutting something is always an adventure that we want to have. To see the seperation of the material, whether it be cloth, soil, or hair, is a fascination. We seem to think that perhaps we can put it back together, and if we can't, we wonder why. If you do put it back together, it will always show where that was done.
      Our granddaughter discovered the other day what a joy, and a heartbreak cutting can be.
       She cut her own hair. At school. During class.
       Mom was not pleased. She asked her when she cut it and the conversation follows.
       Mom: "What is wrong with your hair?'
       Granddaughter:"I cut it."
       M:"What? WHAT? You did what?"
       GD: " I cut it. In school."
        M: " No one said anything"
       GD: "No, Mom, they were paying attention to the teacher."
        M: "Where was the teacher?"
       GD:"At the blackboard. I was paying attention, Mom, that's what I am supposed to do. Pay attention to the teacher."
       M:"And no one said anything."
       GD:"No,Mom. They were paying attention to the teacher. I was too, that's what we are supposed to. Mom, please watch your voice. Don't embarrass me."
       Later that day, Daddy came home. Mom told him about the conversation. He asked if Mom laughed. Not really.
        Next morning getting ready for school.
        M:" Where did you put the hair?"
        GD:"In my desk."
        M:" Please clean it out of your desk and bring it home."
        GD:"But, mom, I can't clean out my desk. It's Thursday."
        M:"I know. Please clean out your desk and bring home your hair."
        GD:"But, it's Thursday."
        M:"I know, but why can't you do it on Thursday?"
        GD:"They will think I'm stupid. We clean out our desks on FRIDAY and it's THURSDAY."
         M:"Fine. Bring it home Friday."
         And this would be the reason Mom is going back to work full time.
    Enjoy your next hair cut and pay attention to the teacher.

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  1. well ya know it wasnt exactly like that...i didnt want her to bring her home just to throw it away....but either way you have a pretty good memory!!! it was an interesting couple of days in our home...glad we are here for your entertainment...luv ya!