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Monday, September 27, 2010

Accepting God's Help

     That seems like such a silly title, but we all know that accepting help from anyone is not an easy thing to do.

            As kids, we have all done the "me do it" phase. Some of us never come out of that stage. We want to do it all. We want all the credit. No one else helped us cook the dinner, do the job or clean the entire house.

            When we are older or sick and need help to do the mundane things in life: walk, cook, or clean, we take it with a grain of salt, until we realize that without help we can do none of these things, then we say thank you. Sometimes begrudingly, but thank you.

             I have a sweet niece who is struggling with a health problem. She has had complete strangers pray for her and then ask, " Do you have faith? Are you feeling better?" I have a problem with that, because faith really has nothing to do with getting better.

              We sometimes think that if we do not naturally get better, read that without doctors, we do not have enough faith that God will do it, therefore, we need to work on our faith.

                I have news for you. 

                Do you all remember the old story of the man in the flood? No, not Noah.

                The one where the waters are getting deeper and the neighbors say, " Come on with us and be safe."

               He replies, " No, God's gonna take care of me."

                Well, he has to move to the second floor of his house and a boat comes by and asks him to come with them.

                He says," No, thanks. God's gonna take care of me."

                He is now on the roof top and a helicopter comes by and says,
" Hop on board."

                He says, "No, thanks, God's gonna take care of me."

                Well, the next scene is Heaven.

               The old man says, " I thought You were going to take care of me. I drowned."

                 God says," I sent you nieghbors, a boat and a helicopter, what else did you need.?"

               To me, the moral of the story is: God uses everyone to help us. Including doctors and hospitals. They are not perfect, but we live in a fallen world and they are as close as we get.

               So if you need an operation, do it. God will bring you through it. And you will live either here or in heaven.

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