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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


     I have spent the day researching, well, actually two days, internet servers. I have been on the internet for over six years now by dial-up.
I figured to be the last of the dinosaurs in this respect. Simply could not free up the money to switch to dsl.
     Things have happened to make this possible and may I just say that research is not my strong suit.
      In fact, I hate it. I get all the numbers gathered together and then have to explain it to my husband and compare what we are spending to what we think we can spend and then make a decision.
      The people were nice that I talked to. Really wanted to help. Really wanted my money. I had one ask me if she could sign me up right now and start the service. I said, no, thank you. Just looking around.
      These people are worse than retail clothing associates. They want the money. They want their money to increase. I understand that, but when you are on a fixed income that hasn't increased in two years, you get really picky about how you spend your money.
        Finally made the decision. The lady told me what all the package included and what equipment would be needed. It would be sent and would include router,cables for this and that and instructions. Thank goodness. Instructions.
        Next question: can I follow instructions and find all the approiate spots to plug in all the cables and then hit the right button.
        Can you tell that I am stressing a bit over this? I will try not to go into a spin over the next few days waiting for the package. I promise I will let God take care of it. If I leave Him alone and listen to the still, small voice, I will have peace over this.
         Really I will.
         Stay tuned for the next installment of " As the Network Links."

         Til next time, have a blessed day.

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  1. Hahahaha You are the best Auntie in the world!!! You make me smile. And I feel yucky tonight. Dumb allergies.

    Can't wait for the next installment... =)

    Love you ~~ Dawn