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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hard Work

     Yesterday, for the first time since surgery, I went out to my  brother's farm, and worked in the house. My husband had had to replace some of the floor, due to termites. In the process, he had to do some plastering on the walls and sanding, so there was clean-up to be done.

           It felt great to be able to work and feel tired afterward.

           I stretched, climbed and reached and nothing fell out and no bumps appeared. Guess I am well on my way to normal. Wonderful.

           We are getting ready for a visit from said brother. He lives in California and hasn't been back for a while, so wanted to show off all that we have done to the house on the farm.

          Today we are working on our house getting it company ready. Why do we not keep it company ready all the time? Well, we could have company anytime and it would look okay, but somehow, I like leaving my newspaper on the floor by my chair and my nail clippers on my table beside my chair. However, I think  that no one else likes to see it.

          We have added a small addition to our bedroom to accommadate a shower and larger bedroom. It is only six feet, but really nice. My hubby is finishing the outside siding and painting the wood that we are not siding.

         We had decided to not put siding on the front of the house and just get paint to match the siding and paint it. The wood is in good condition and we like it, so, are painting.a

    We went to everyone's favorite place, Wal-Mart, and had the paint matched to the siding.

     Now, if you have never had paint made to match something, you really have not had the ultimate in fun.

     They put the siding under the scanner that puts it in the computer and the computer then tells them what colors and how much to use to make it match.

      They will then color the base, shake and put a dab on the outside to show you the color. They will also put some on your siding to show how it matches.

       We weren't sure it matched. The man who made it was. A person walking by was sure.

        We brought it home and today hubby started to paint. The wall he is painting is right against a wall with the siding on it.

         We still don't think it matches. Spent a half hour deciding what to do.

         We paint.

         He calls me out to look.

         I'm tellin' ya, the more he paints the more it matches.

          Ah, well, we will enjoy the new look.

          Have a great day.


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