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Monday, September 20, 2010

What Fun

      My first week of fast travel on the web has been fun.
      Unless you came to the 'net from a slow speed, you just don't quite know how it feels to, now, be going 100mph as opposed to 55 mph. I have to tell you that my ol' sinful self still goes, "Come on, can't you go faster?" and not appreciate the blessing of going fast.

      I know that some of you are saying it could be my computer, but still, I am going FAST.

      It is so cool to just flash from page to page rather than have enough time to go get a cup of whatever in the kitchen and still have to wait for the finish of the page to load.

       I do have to watch myself though. I could get addicted to playing games and blog reading. It is just the  cats pajamas.

       I went to the Wheel of Fortune site the other day and I think it was two hours later that I emerged. I love Wheel of Fortune and love playing it, but other things do have to get done. You know, laundry, dinner, vaccuumming, and other mundane things. Like letting your husband know that he is still important to you.

       I now have a home page that I can change when I want to. My other server wouldn't let me have anything but them for the homepage. This is a nice choice to be able to make.

       I know those of you who have grown up with a computer in the fast lane and have had these choices think I am being a bit silly, but I feel so blessed to have these things.

      When you see that cloud of dust in front of you on the 'net, it will be mine.

      Have fun.

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