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Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day

     It is Labor Day the end of the holiday week-end. Somehow it seems a little sad the reason for the week-end is at the end of it and not really celebrated.
   Here in tourist country, everyone is packing up and going home, back to the ordinary and, sometimes, mundane of their lives.
     School is starting from some, has been in session for others for a while, and still others won't be in session for a week or so.
     The fall always feels like new beginnings or renewal of old friendships at school and work.
     here in the land of the tourist, we see people in the fall that have not been here since last fall.  I know, I know, it really isn't fall until September 23 on my calendar, but Labor Day is the end of vacation talk, the beginning of football and leaf raking. I also know that some of them were here for Christmas in the Ozarks, which is really in the fall, so not here since last fall.
     We have a lot of realy cool stuff that goes on here in the area. I am not going to go  into that and sound like a Branson booster, but if you have time on your hands come see.
     Some of us were talking the other day about how we, who live here, don't get or take an opportunity to enjoy what a lot of you travel a long way to enjoy. It is that old thing of having to do your life here.
     There are doctor appoinments, work schedules, school schedules, and family times to work in there. We do get out some and enjoy and when we do, we go WOW that is why people come here. It is truly beautiful.
      I am going to enjoy the coolness of the early day and watch the thermometer rise and summer make a last visit over the next few days.
     Y'all have a great day. Come visit.

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