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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Young Skin

     I find that inside my head, I am still twenty something.
     It is a long way from the age my outside is, but still it keeps me thinking and acting young. Now, not childish, child like. Therefore, I find myself doing things that, when I was twenty-somthing, wasn't a problem. Like a facial mask.
     A few months ago, my charming daughter was visiting and gave me some skin products, which I appreciated.
     Among the products was a facial mask for cleansing and restoring skin to youthfulness.
     The next time I was alone, trust me you do not want to do this in front of family, perhaps girlfriends, but not family. They will never let you forget it.
      Anyway, husband was gone, and by this time so was daughter, back to her home hubby and daughter.
      I decided that it was the perfect time to do a manicure, prehaps even try the new product.
      I  did the manicure. I had so much success at that, I decided to try the facial.
      It had been years since I had tried this kind of thing, I thought that it would be like riding a bicycle, you know, once you do it you never forget how.I have never ridden a bike. That, however, didn't stop me.
      Anyway, read the instructions. Yep, thought it would be a good idea, so did it and followed said instructions. Washed my face and prepared to put on the mask.
      Daughter had said it was like egg whites. It was. A little gooier, but egg whites.
      I put them on, a little thicker in places and thinner in others, thereby, having some dry before others. I had to wait until all were dry. Just peel off it says, after drying.
      I had started on the thicker spots, but they were not dry. I then started on the thin ones. They were dry, and I had some success with them coming right off, as i was peeling, I looked in the hand was six inches from my face and the mask was still in place.
      Never knew that your face went rubbery when you got older. I will NOT say "Old".
      Well, I got the fingers of the one hand under the mask and held my skin while I pulled with the other.
      Ten minutes later the mask was in the sink and my face was pink and healthy.
      And laying against my chest.
      Fortunately, it returned to its original positition before anyone came home.
      Let me just say, that next time, I will just scrub and rinse.


  1. Hahaha I am SO glad you are giving me the heads up. Note to self: no face masks....but manicure?... totally go for it =)

    Love you Auntie ~~ you make me smile BIG!!!