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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Grown-ups and Kids

     When I was growing up there were only two types of people in my world: grown-ups and kids.
     My parents were grown-ups. My grandmother was a grown-up. My brother who is 14 years my senior was a grown-up.
     My brother who was five yers my senior and my cousins were kids. I went to school with kids.
There were no senior citizens, no middle agers just grown-ups.
     Now, that I qualify as a senior citizen, and have for quite sometime, I am experiencing things that the grown-ups in my world never told me about or intimated that they were dealing with: inability to understand the muttering that others, mostly kids, were doing; taking five minutes to rise from a chair to standing position; or not sleeping through the night.
      It isn't that they didn't have these problems. You just didn't discuss them in public. In other words, out loud.
      When I now complain about not being able to understand people or not sleeping through the night, I know that I am now a grown-up.

1 comment:

  1. On the flip side ~~ you get the great senior discounts right? =) I've decided when I get to be a "grown up", I'm gonna sleep as late as I want and eat my dessert first =) with a discount of course =) heehee

    Love you Auntie,