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Friday, August 20, 2010


Here in Branson there is to be a concert by the hip hop artist, Nelly, this week-end. It was not allowed to be outside at one of the theatres, so another one stepped up. It will now be held at an indoor venue.

There is a lot of talk going on about how we should be behaving toward this concert in the land of family entertainment known as Branson.

As a Christian, I cannot say I am in support of it, however, we live in the United States of America and we are free to attend this if we desire. Which I don't.

I think that anyone who opposes it should just state the facts: I don't support it because of his content and what I think his outlook on life is which is to be holding women and the law in contempt. I may be wrong. I will not tell someone else they should not attend. I will say that my underage children, if I had any would not attend.

I resent people trying to disrupt this concert in the name of Christ. I know he defended sinners while he was here on earth. He still does. I just think that if I believe it to be wrong, I should say so and leave it there.

I will pray for Nelly and his followers. Perhaps my information on the content of his songs is wrong, perhaps he has changed and is not the put
downer of women he was. I pray so.


  1. Auntie,
    I have heard about this concert and the controversary surrounding it. It is good to hear your take on it. I don't know anything about Nelly or his music, but I did know there was a big controversary about it, and what I was hearing is that it would NOT be family friendly.....and isn't that what Branson is all about...the family?!!

    Thanks for sharing this ~~ love you, Dawn

  2. I just joined from your nieces blog, Dawn and must say I love what you have to say. Praying that there are so many people like you praying for the changing of the world for the better by becoming model Christians.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat