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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


     This year I have seen more doctors than all my previous years put together. I have had two primary care physicians, two gynecologists, two radiologists and one surgeon.

            My one primary moved to another job, which is good for him and bad for me.

            My surgeon has moved on to Pennsylvania, so my six month check up had to be done by someone else. I chose to have a gynecologist here in town. The surgeon's office was going to have me go to one in the town where the surgery was done, so I asked to pick my own, and they didn't care as long as I did it soon.

            The original gynecologist that diagnosed my cancer had turned me over to the surgeon and she was not in my hometown, so she was not going to be chosen by me. I should have stayed with her. The one I chose may be replaced as I was not really thrilled with his attitude, but perhaps I am too soon the judge.

             Just let me say that for the most part all my doctors are wonderful. I just thought the gynecologist was a bit rough and I may be a bit tender.

             I miss the days of having one doctor from cradle to grave and I am not sure it was like that even when I was growing up. I do know that my kids had the same doctor for several years and we all loved him, except the one who was getting the shot.

            I also know that it used to be when you went to the doctor and had to go to the hospital, your doctor would take care of you in the hospital, doing the visits and the meds.

            I miss that.

            Have a great day in the sunshine.

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