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Friday, October 22, 2010

Doctors Part II

     I re-read my doctors post and decided that I needed to take a different tac to it.

           The doctor really made me angry because he asked why I had taken the way of radiation, since I had an excellent (his words) prognosis without it. He said the radiation is cumulative. I think I know what that means, but I was too stunned to respond to that. I did it that way, because a doctor I trusted said that was the best way to stave off a revisit of cancer in that region.

           I have done some research and found that there is evidence that it is not a bad thing to do. I think my age and the involvement of the tumor, made it a good option.

            My question is why did he question me and why do I have to do the three month check-up for the year and then five years of six month check-up. I know, I am asking the wrong people, perhaps, but how do you get back to a doctor to ask him without making an appointment and taking time that someone else could use? I hate that I feel as though I am surrounded by fences and doors and no way through.

            I told my friend of this and she said "Fire him." I may. Except what have I really accomplished if I do? I will probably go back for one more check-up and ask more questions. I know I have been told to make a list of questions to ask. Now, how do you get yourself to ask questions when the whole thing comes a surprise?

           What a question, since I am trying to make a living with words. You would think I would be faster on my feet, but perhaps that will come as I get more used to seeing doctors and having my body pushed, pulled and moved into their positions.

          Thank you for reading and listening.

          Have a blessed day.

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