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Saturday, November 12, 2011


I went shopping for some things the other day and looked at lotions. I tried several and then rediscovered Jergens. It was relatively inexpensive and I knew I had no allergy issues with it, so I took it home and used it that night.
  As I applied it, I found myself lost in the past.
 I found myself an eight-year-old sitting with my grandma on the sofa and she was applying the same lotion to her hands. She had probably just finished doing the dishes.

She and my family lived together for several years, first in her home and then in an apartment house we shared. I remembered that I used to make flowers out of facial tissues as she watched tv and I needed something to do. We had colored tissues. Kleenex was the only brand we ever had and they these wonderful colors: pink, blue and yellow as well as white and they were two ply, so you could pull them apart and fluff them to make the flowers more real.  You would take the tissues and stack them on top of each other and push a bobby pin in the middle, having one half the tissue on one side of it and half on the other. The pin would be a short stem for the blossom. Then you would tear some of the tissue off and then peel open the tissue. It was a lot of waste, but it was fun.

I had not thought of that in years until Jergens brought it all back.

Anyone else do that as a child or an adult as far as that goes?  Have a great day come back and visit again.

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