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Saturday, October 11, 2014


I last left you with 'D' for Deciding, well, now we are enjoying.
Enjoying the new house, enjoying company coming and hoping they will enjoy the continuation of our vacation together.
Usually, they come in the spring and we go up in the summer, but this year it is reversed.
Our company didn't make it down. There were two funerals of cousins and we went to them for that. While we were there we got to see the most beautiful fall colors we have seen in a few years.
It was warmer this trip than last, which seemed out of sync, but we enjoyed the warmth. We did some sight seeing, old friend seeing and animal seeing. We always go to Itasca State Park when we visit the aunt and cousin in Minnesota. It is only about an hour from them and always on the way to where ever we are going. Even if it isn't.
Itasca, for those who may not know is the headwaters of the Mississippi river. Fun to step over the Mighty Mississip. The trees were just outstanding...I know, I know that's what trees do, but the colors this year were gorgeous.Is that not a pretty one?

We also found someone who had a bit of trouble harvesting..
Those hay balers can give you some trouble. Someone had fun with their haying. It can get boring after so many bales.

I will leave you with a pretty lane in Itasca Park.

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