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Thursday, January 1, 2015

500 Words A Day 365 days

Five hundred words a day. Writing.
When I found this group it was by invitation of Jeff Goins. A writer I had followed for several years through his blogs. He has always been helpful and encouraging. I thought it sounded like fun. I thought I would be following it for a day or two.
Three hundred sixty-five days later, I was wrong.
I have found others who love writing and reading as much as I do.
I have found encouragers and helpers.
Every day found me wanting to write. Some days found me with 500 words to say, some days it may have been one hundred.
Every day found me writing or planning my writing. I don't have a total of words. I know I have been back at my blog more often than in the past. I love putting my words out there. Yeah, well, maybe not so much, but I do it.
My fellow wordies have encouraged me, cajoled me and loved me through some of the hardest writing times, just by being there and saying hello.
In short, okay maybe not so short, I have loved it and looked forward to what comes next.

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