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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wanting and Getting

   We all know the phrase:"What you see is what you get." That may true, but what really is is that what you want is not what you get.

    Everyone has wanted something really badly and when they get it, wonder what the attraction was in the first place. When the kids rush to open the presents that they just know contain what they asked for and twenty minutes later leave the gift, and the paper crushed on the floor, we say they are ungrateful.

    This may not be the case. It may well be that they got what they wanted, but it was not what they wanted.

    You have seen the commercials for baby dolls that blink, cry, eat, poop, and giggle. When Susie gets said doll, it does all that stuff. Susie is not happy with the baby doll. Why? Because Susie wanted a doll that reacted to her. None of this is reacting to Susie. It is just doing what it was meant to do. Sometimes that isn't fun. That may well be why Susie prefers a doll that does nothing on its own. She make it do, at least in her mind, what she wants it to do. She can make it cry, make it stop, and be happy doing that.

    When we ask God for things, we are asking for things to be the way WE want them.

    You all have been there. You asked for nightgown and got hammer. Neither of things has anything to do with the other. Except, if you have a husband who is going to build you a new bed and wants you to help. It works out well and you get the nightgown, too.

    I have had people ask me if God answers my prayers. I simply cannot tell you. Mainly because I don't keep track. I pray believing that God will answer my prayers and that is all I need to know.

    I have asked for a loving husband. I got one. I asked for a 5 foot 6 inch blond, curvy body. I did not get that. Did I get a body? Yep. Do I like it? Sometimes. Am I grateful for it? Yep. I just know that I am really looking forward to heaven where I can endure cold without covering my head and seeing without glasses. Both of which I have had to do/have since very young.

   The point to all this wordiness is to accept what we are given, make the best use of it and giggle now and then with wonder of it.


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