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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Do I Matter?

   That is quite a question. I know that I matter to many people and God. Perhaps that should read God and many people. I know that I matter to God. He sent His only Son to die for me and I accept that with gladness.

   However, the other day I was visiting with a couple of ladies and of course, talking. We hit a great many subjects, but what got my attention was when I chimed in on the conversation, they went back to their comments. You know what I mean.

  " So, Sally, how are the kids?"

  " Oh, doing well, Nancy."

 " How are you're kids?"

 " Oh, the other day my daughter called and told me the cutest story about her daughter. Breath.

" Nancy did you say you were going to Branson next week?"

   You will notice that when I introduced my daughter, they went to another subject.

 Perhaps, I was not supposed to introduce family names. Anyway, the conversation continued.

" Nancy, where have you worked?"

"Oh, no where, acutally. I was a stay at home mom when the kids were little, and now, a stay at home wife." Nancy said.

" Where did you work, Sally?" Nancy asked.

" Oh, I was an admin til I retired and now, I  do part-time secretarial." Nancy replied.

" What did you do?" and they both looked at me.

" I was an alligator trainer." I replied.

" How nice."

" Nancy, where would you like to go for lunch?"

 I held my tongue.

We went to lunch at a nice little restaurant where they serve specialty sandwiches.

Mine was a tongue sandwich.That way, I could talk with tongue in cheek.


  1. oh mama...of course you matter unless you try to feed me tongue & mush AND then i will indeed act like you dont matter cuz I will know you have lost your mind!!!!
    dont forget...women are poopy heads!!!
    love ya!!

  2. now, really, would I do that to you? remember, I am the one that serves you mashed potatoes without gravy and I don't whine when you eat them that way.