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Thursday, March 31, 2011


  This past week was my birthday. Now, with a birthday at the end of the month, I tend to claim the entire month of March as my birthday.

   It did not start that way. It used to build until THE day, and then it was done. I was queen for a day.

   Well, that's not enough. As someone told me this week, " At my age I start at the beginning of the month, in case I don't make it to the end!". That is not entirely the reason I like to take the whole month.

   Have you ever felt you had failed the person you really liked just because you forgot the DAY of the birth? Well, I am just trying to make you all feel better if you happen to forget the day of my birth, but remember it sometime. Trust me. Sometime is better than never.

   Did I have a good birthday? I had a great birthday. We have a tradition in our family between me and my hubby. We go to Presleys' show on each other's birthday and anniversary and also to Circle B Chuckwagon. If they are both available on the day we do both, otherwise, we go when available. That is what we did this week and we had to do it on two different days, which brings us back to the longer celebration of birthdays. Several people commented on how much I celebrated my birthday. Just enjoying being a year older.

   Have a great day.

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