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Friday, March 25, 2011

Being Positive in a Negative World

     I just reaad an excellent newsletter put out by C. Hope Clark on negativism and writing.

     The point was we are all hit with negative news all the time, whether it is national or personal. News people thrive on the horrible and worse. We get to where we seem to be looking for nothing but the bad news.

     I have always thought that I was a positive person.

     However, recently, I have been listening to my conversations with people and think that I see only the irritating habits in people. Why is that?

     I have an amazing God who has given me an amazing life and, even though there have been rough spots and dreams not realized, He has been beside me and held me up. That alone should keep me on the positive side of life.

    I have had family that have not behaved the way I want, or treated me with the respect I THINK I deserve. That is no reason to see only the bad in people.

   I have been trying to remember the little boy who cried when his kite flew away and allowed me to hold him and comfort him. Kind of hard when said little boy is now a man who tells me he doesn't feel like part of my family. Well, he is part of my family and how we feel really doesn't change that. I will love him and his family no matter what.

   I have a grandson who thinks that he does not want us around for his special days. That is his option. We will still love him and remember the little boy who stood in a restaurant and said," Tol' you I'd be here." He will be in our prayers and thoughts as he has always been.

   Do I have a special relationship with my granddaughter who looks at me and says, " Grams, I remember the snow."? I kept thinking she wouldn't remember. Yes, ma'am, I do. Can that relationship go the way of the others? No. It is a different day and I have learned what I did before and will not repeat that. Now, could something happen, oh, yeah, but you don't go through life worrying about that. You enjoy the day you have.

   Will I try to "fix" my relationship with my other grandchildren? No. I will continue to love them, pray for them and remember the good times.

   In a negative world people would think that all is lost with our grandchildren and children, but with God all things are possible, and they will enjoy their lives and I will enjoy mine.

    The daffodils are blooming and the woods are bright with purple of the redbud trees. The dogwood cannot be far behind. Spring is here.


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