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Monday, May 11, 2015

Write, Right?

Image result for writingWriting can feel like this. As though there are cement blocks under the keys of the computer or you are pushing a dull pencil.
No matter. You need to do it. Push on the keys consistently and those blocks become sand and then are worn completely away. Then pushing is easy and the words appear on the page as if by magic.
That's a good day...
                                Then... Image result for writingthis happens. And you are back to the cement blocks. You just need to write.
Write a poem. A story. An event. Seventeen 'e's or do nothing in your chair but sleep. Time is going to pass and you need to know what you want left at the end of the day. Words on the screen or excuses. And we can come up with some good ones.
My favorite is the one Calvin uses. Waiting for inspiration. Now, sometimes it seems as though we are inspired and sometimes not, but you have to WRITE. Inspiration or no, words need to come through. A free write is a good way to get into the habit of writing and sometimes among all those ugly pieces of cement and rocks there is a diamond you can polish. So, go chip some cement and polish those stones.

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