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Tuesday, June 2, 2015



The next word in our tools is 'observe'. There is a lot that can be said about observing. Some of us do it well and casually, some of us need road signs.Image result for road signs
I need road signs.
My husband gave me a stained glass window for my birthday one year. It fit in a transom window over the door of our house. Our bedroom door was right beside it. You went by one to get to the other. He put the window in while I was gone one evening. I returned and went into the bedroom. Came out and watched tv and then later, went to bed.
My birthday was the next day.
I came out of our room and saw this long white paper banner that said "Happy Birthday" hanging from the top of the door. I thought it was pretty. He came home for lunch.
"Did you see your present?"
"Yes. I love the banner."
He then jerked the banner down to reveal my REAL present. You can hide my gifts in plain sight.
As writers, we should be way more observant than that.
Notice the bug on the leaf. See how he moves from one spot to the next. It may come in handy for a story about someone lost in the woods.
Image result for describeAfter your observation describe it in words and maybe even, a sketch. The better you understand it the better you can write about it.
Image result for drawLearn to observe.

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