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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Getting Older

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I titled this getting older rather than being old. I have discovered that there are no how-tos for getting older. No ideas on how best to do it.
I have seen no 10 reasons to grow older. Or how do I look like a teen-ager when I am an octogenarian. Of course, why would I want to?
When you are young, under 50, you really don't give much thought to YOU getting old. You are planning for retirement, getting the kids through school and just plain getting through the day.

In our teen years we cannot wait to get to the magic numbers: 16 and 21. First you get your license and then you lose your license, or have the ability to lose them. After that, you are just an adult and are expected to act like one.
And how is that exactly?
Take responsibility for your actions, for one thing.
Okay. That's done.
Get a job, preferably as good one. Find a mate, maybe have children.
And along the way have some fun.
I am now 50. What is left to do? Grow old? Stagnate? Travel the world?

What is there left to do. Enrich your knowledge, figure out how your life is going, where you want it to go. Oh, yeah, these things do not just figure themselves out. It feels just like being in high school some days.

Some days you feel like there are no right ways to do this. The answer is there are no right ways. Just your way.
 If you are lucky you find people of like mind and you have some fun, see some interesting things and find that growing older is not so bad.

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