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Monday, January 13, 2014

500 Words a Day Challenge

Jeff Goins, founder of Tribe Writers and a writer that I have followed for several years, has issued a challenge to all writers to hit 500 words a day in January.

I decided to accept the challenge. I haven't done badly in upholding my end of it.

It just seems that Life gets in the way. I am not someone who can or will get up at 4am just to get my words in. We are retired. Which may mean just tired. I sleep until I wake up and then start my day. It usually ends about 10pm. All this means is that I have to find the time somewhere in the day to do it.

Aside from finding the time to do this the other problem is my mind.

It is a squirrel in a cage. It bounces from one side of the cage to the other, runs up the wall and looks at all the shiny ideas that come by. It cannot settle on any one thing.

My thoughts run through the cage and the mind cannot catch them. It tries. There are so many pretty ideas. Which one can I tame and write about. Maybe the stars that shine between the limbs of the tree, or maybe why the crows play in my driveway puddle or possibly the things I love.

Sometimes heavy thoughts come by for a fly through...when does life begin, when does it end, and what am I going to do with mine.

Most of writing is just words strung together. Words. No beginning, no middle and no end, just a quitting.

How do you manage to hitch the ideas to the words or the words to the ideas and make sense?

Well, there is no magic, no one size fits all, but I can tell you that the words you put together the better you get at it. We may not all be Robert B. Parker or James Michener, but we can each put our stories on paper and let people read and learn what and who we are.

I do love the idea of writing. Of perhaps becoming the next big thing in writing. The one thing I know that makes me a writer. I write.

I hope you enjoy these words and others that are here.

Come back again and visit.

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