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Thursday, January 23, 2014


I have worked with computers for about twelve years. Meaning that I have gotten on the internet, checked e-mails, and stored stuff. I have even uploaded pictures to my computer and e-mailed them to other people. I have even posted them on Facebook.

However, do I know how to cut and paste? Do I know how to move sections of the written word around and make a better placement of it?  Um, not with any confidence. I do it and fifty percent of the time it works.

I have tried going to computer classes, but most of the ones I have attended, I know more than they are teaching, i.e. I know how to boot it up and shut it down and even how to turn on the screen. One class I attended, they spent the two hours on doing just that. So, I was bored and didn't go back.

My computer manages to do wonderful things, like have an magnified picture on my screen when I awake it from sleep mode. The magnification is the same as it had been before, but my screensaver is three times the size it should be. Changing the magnification doesn't do it. The only thing that works is rebooting and when I do I that all my gadgets are in the middle of the screen instead of at the right side where they when they went to sleep.

I have talked to several people about this and even went to Google. The people on Google only think it applies to laptops....not so. Mine is a pc. Once when I went to Google I plugged in " enlarged" picture, without the quotations and would you believe, I got a million hits and one of them actually pertained to my computer? I did not know so many parts of the human body could be enlarged.

I do love my computer and how I can write and store stuff on it. The problem? Where did I store it and how do I retrieve it? A story for another day.

Come back and visit again.

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