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Monday, May 5, 2014


Change is the way we grow. We may not like some of them, but through them we learn and grow.
Change can be of our own making, or a result of the universe. It can be a change of heart or a change of locale.

The change of heart can be in your thoughts or the love you thought would be there forever.Someone can come into our lives, and someone can go. How we handle the change is way more important than what the change is. If we accept it as a challenge to go on without what or whoever is gone, we learn more of ourselves and others than if we fight it to the bitter end. They will still be gone. Hanging on to them in heart, mind and body will make the final acceptance harder and will leave some lessons unlearned.

If it is a change of locale, you can try to make the new place exactly like the old place, or you can adapt to the new one the way it is. If it is smaller than where you were, you can downsize your stuff to match it, or throw it all out and start anew. If it is larger, you can expand to match it. If you decide to live in just the space that you have stuff for, you will loose the opportunity to grow into something.

I believe that change is a chance to grow and learn.

Here's to growing and learning. Growing into new things and learning what old things will help us in our growing.

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