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Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve

     I have never been one to make a big deal of resolutions, be they for clubs, organizations or New Year's.

      I think a better idea is to make goals and see if you meet them, how they are met and if you want to continue trying for them.

      This requires you to note them down and look occasionally to see how you are doing. I haven't done that well in my life, but mostly because I have found that I am happier flying by the seat of my pants and planning one day at  a time.

       I got into this habit when, years ago, we lost my husband's sister and kids in an accident. One of the things one of the other siblings said was, " But I all ready have their Christmas presents."  The accident happened in September, and the person was heartbroken and baffled as to what to do now that the recipient of her gifts would no longer be there to enjoy it.

      Things happen and you need to be able to go with the punches and see that there are other outcomes to have.

      It isn't that I don't plan, I do. I buy presents months in advance, and if I use them for that occasion, fine. If not, no big deal.

      I must say that the use of the gifts, as gifts depends entirely on if I can find them on the appointed day.

       I have been writing for several years, now, and know that there should be planning in this. I tend to be one who writes spur of the moment.

      At least that is how I started. Who needs outlines, plans, endings. Let the typewriter fly and the words fall where they may.

      Okay, that is a little immature. However, I do not us outlines, they drive me crazy. I don't do a,b,c very well. Now, if a story pops up in my mind, I try to get it down as quickly as possible.  It may not be a whole story, but a scene or a sentence, but down it goes and I look it over and see if it is usable as is, or if it just get to set and ferment a bit.

       Those of you who write stories for enjoyment, or knowledge, know what I mean. You do plan on how to put it together and what to do with it once it is written, but there are several ways to do that. I won't go into that here, but just know that planning is not a bad thing.

       So, here's to planning and enjoying the New Year. Don't be upset when your plans go awry,  enjoy planning what to do next.

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