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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Social Networks

     Since the advent of the personal computer in all its forms, we have become a people of social networks on the world wide web, not face to face people.

     I find this a little disconcerting, since, being older than dirt, we always networked in person. That is a little misleading. I mean that you talked to a person, be it face to face, telephone or written word. It was personal, civilized and easy to read the other person.

     Now, it is cold, non-personal and on the web for the entire world to see.

     There really is nothing wrong in that as long as you can still make it personal and only to those you want it to go to. Okay, just showed how naive I can be, since a lot of people can see what you post on these social networks.

      I also appreciate the opportunity I have to keep up with people who are not a part of my everyday society.

      It does annoy me to have people use this network to announce things that should be told to family and close friends privately and seperately before the world knows.

      I know people who have learned of marriages, pregnancies, deaths and divorces through these networks, before being told by the person, either in person on phone, email or face to face. To me this usually means that the announcement is going to cause upheaval and they are wanting to avoid that. Well, upheaval makes us stronger.

      I have no problem with these announcements if they are just reiteration for family and friends and now the rest of the world gets to know.

     Please be kind to each other and don't pop these kinds of things on the world wide web, before telling your mother.

     Have a great day and love each other to the best of your ability.

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