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Thursday, November 18, 2010


     I have discovered over time, that I have many talents.

     Sewing is not one of them. Please, those of you to whom it comes easy, don't tell me anyone can sew. You are right. Anyone can sew, however, not all of us can sew and keep our sanity.

     I have in the past, sewn squaredance clothes for me and my daughter, never tried shirts, they have to fit too well, and snaps are difficult to put on, anyway, I did that and did rather well. Wore them in public and no one snickered. Not so I knew, anyway.

      I even made a cheerleader outfit for my daughter one year for Christmas and it was good.

      However, our kids are all grown and never had any desire to sew for the grandkids. So, other than patching and shortening some curtains in the past few years, no real sewing.

       Now, the Grinch shows up. We went to an auction a while back and found a box of material that Virg's aunt could use for quilts. A lot of it was, however, little animals and books to put together. She didn't want those. So, I kept them. Thinking I would find someone who would want them or sell them at my next garage sale.

      Then, a friend stopped in with her little boy, nine months old, and I thought how cute it would be to make one of the books for him. The books are the Christmas story, so thought I had plenty of time to put it together, since this was August.

     About the same time, I found out I as going to be a great-grandma by our eldest granddaughter, so, decided to make one for baby Sophie.
Ummmmmm, yeah, good idea.

      Today, I got out the sewing machine, meaning I opened it up and found I had to thread a bobbin with white thread. I have 12 bobbins, none of which were white, which is what it takes. I set everything up and put the bobbin on the spindle, white thread on the thread spindle and went to work.


     The bobbin didn't fit. I couldn't get the clutch bar to push into it so that the brake would work when the bobbin was full.

    Changed bobbins.

    Didn't fit.

    Discovered that you have to put the little   tip in the little hole on the bobbin. Got that done. Started to thread bobbin. Started smelling hot oil.


    Called hubby in to see what he could do. He finally found the places to oil, we got the machine in the right position and oiled. Put the machine back where I could use it and...........I started sewing.

     Fortunately, it was waste material, as the bobbin thread wadded up on the bottom of the material.

     Changed bobbins.

     Everything went well. So, I put the book, with fill, on the machine.
     Everything went well. Until, the material puckered.

     I was halfway around the bookpage.

     Flipped over the material. Yep, there all the way around, puckered thread from the bobbin.

     I am now going to take my soda, sit in my big chair and watch mindless tv for a while.

      Tune in later for the next installment of " How the Bobbin Turns".
Who knows when.

      Enjoy your day.

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  1. aawww mom that blows....funny how you remember a cheerleading outfit and i dont...sure it was for THIS daughter??? heehee sorry your sewing machine isnt cooperating with you this week!!!! love ya!!