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Monday, November 15, 2010


      Okay, so last time I blogged about Facebook. So, today I went in to my one e-mail account and was forwarding stuff, when I noticed that I had to hand type all my addresses. I was used to having my addresses pop up in blue and just clicking enter and they would magically appear in the address box.  Guess my magic is weak on Mondays.

      So, I tried with another e-mail and got the same results. This time I went to my contacts page. Guess what? I got " Connection refused".  What the heck is that? I don't know whether to kick my computer, call my computer guy or just kick back have a soda and let the world trip on by.

      Yeah, thought about it, and came to my blog to vent.

      I did have a good time on Facebook this morning, though. Posted some and read a lot, so guess I shouldn't be too upset.

      Just not sure I am ready for the 21st century electronic goodies. I think I could still handle a handwritten letter, envelope(pre-sticky) and a stamp. However, at 44 cents and going up, maybe not. And no one answers them anymore. They will comment on my e-mails, facebook, and blog, so guess I will just suck it up and go on. Surely, my bad karma will not continue on my computer.

Have a great day and enjoy your eletronic goodies.

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  1. Okay so "YAY" for a good Facebook day, because I apparently can't tag on Facebook and it is annoying, especially when the "boys" (Chase and Dakota) tell me how easy it is and how crazy it is that I can't even tag. I don't want to talk about it =)

    As far as e-mail goes, so far I start to type and it pops up the name. If that goes away, I may have to stage a protest. =)

    Love you Auntie,