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Monday, November 1, 2010


      That is such a great word.

              In my world it always meant anything. Whatever. It could be the answer to a choice:beans or corn? Whatever.

              It could be the beginning of a discussion: Whatever were you thinking, or in my southern mind, thinkin'? I wanted to see if the tree limb would hold my weight. Really? It's an inch around. I know, but just had to try. Whatever.

               As you can see, it also was an ending to a discussion.

               Today a lot of young people, read that anyone under the age of 40, use it for everything.

               "Take out the trash."  " Whatever."

               "Time to get up for school."  "Whatever."

                " You need an operation."   "Whatever."

                See? You can use it as an expression of disinterest, acceptance or denial. It works.

               So until next time enjoy your life.   Whatever.

1 comment:

  1. or you could use it as a way to say "thats it I am done" WHATEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its my favorite word....