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Monday, November 8, 2010

Being Married

       We have been married for over 45 years and I, at least, am still learning how to do this. 

       I try very hard not to provoke arguments and hurt feelings. But seriously, sometimes, it simply cannot be helped. 

       I argue.

       I get hurt.

       We were watching one of my favorite tv shows the other night, Dancing With theStars, and we both critized one of the celebreties for the way he was dancing. He had his knees bent through the entire routine and even the judges said so.

       The next night was elimination night, so we checked in to see who would be the one to end their dancing. We were down to two couples and the one that was eliminated, was just fine with us. My hubby said, " Why didn't they eliminate the one who bent his knees?" and I said in my most authortative, I know it all voice, " Well, they did."

         He said, " No, they didn't."

         "Yes, they did,"

          He let it drop. Being the smart person he is. 

          So, the next day, I went online to see the elimination news and while reading the report, realized that they had indeed, NOT eliminated the one who bent his knees, even though, I had spit on the sign post and said I was right........I wasn't.

           It took me two days, but while in the car going somewhere I said," Um, the other day, when you said that they should have eliminated the guy with the bent knees?"

           " Yeeeeeeeeees?" He knew what was coming.

            " Um, yeah, they didn't. Sorry I insisted they had, but they didn't."


           " Am I forgiven?", I asked, for me, timidly.

           " Yeah, just don't let happen again.              

            " At least for today." He grinned really wickedly. He knows it will happen again, but he will still love me

            He said so.

            Enjoy your day and remember, laughter is the best medicine.                   

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