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Thursday, November 11, 2010


     I have as yet, to figure out Facebook.

           I have an account. I use it. I post. I read. I leave.

           I come back, what is posted is sometimes there, sometimes, not. How does this happen? I look at other Facebook pages, and they have their friends listed to the left of the page. I do not. I used to. What have I done?

           It is a bit like life. People come and people go out of my life and sometime I know why, and sometimes not. They just disappear.

           Is there a Facebook gremlin that moves my stuff around on my page?

           I was there just a bit ago and posted something on my wall. I left. I returned and it was not there. Where did it go cyber heaven? Sometimes I see postings from people and enjoy them. I post something to them. It never shows up again. I can post on the like/dislike post and it shows up when posted, but if I leave and come back it probably won't be there. Is it on their wall?

          I don't know if I am computer illiterate or Facebook illiterate, but somehow, I know it is my fault.  I wish it weren't, but you know it is.

           I will probably never figure out Facebook. I will just keep enjoying and asking questions.

           I wonder if anyone else has the issues. Please tell me if you do.

            Thanks for the viewing, and have a great day, until next time.


  1. Yes Aunte, there are FB Gremlins. I am convinced. That has to be it!!!!! I have yet to figure out FB or Twitter for that matter. But I press on.....thinking that one day I will be hip and happening. Yeah I know, I'm cracking up on that one too.

    Sorry I haven't been by in a while. Knee Surgery #7 has been a booty-kicker, but it is getting better. Just takes a while. But hopefully I am back to regular blog reading and commenting.

    Love you Auntie,

  2. awww i will assist you when you are here next we will go on and "fix" your facebook....i will bring you into the facebook age....not twitter though.....