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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sewing Update

     A few weeks ago I posted about my sewing problems, which of course, were due mostly, to my inexperience at sewing,

     I hadn't done some a few years, other than mending, so had to get back into the routine.

     I checked my thread tension and got it worked out, but not really, so, I did what everyone else does when what you have doesn't work the way you think it should: I got a different one.

      I now have a different machine, newer, but not new. It will zig-zag and forward and back stitch and that really is all I need. I know it will do more, but basics are fine.

       The Christmas story book is now finished and will be delivered on Christmas day. The recipient is different, since my opportunity to present it to the other person never presented itself.  It will stay in the family and my granddaughter will enjoy it.

        It always amazes me when I do crafty stuff and it comes out well. Not sure why I that is, except, that I believe that when I see someone else's work, I think they just sat down and whipped it up in a matter of minutes. Then, I am invited to watch them work and realize that they do sit down and whip it up effortlessly. After hours of planning, which is the best way to lay out the pattern, what needs to be sewn first, and then pinning. Really not my favorite thing, but it is part of the process. Then, and only then, do they put the material on the machine to finish. Sewing is the last part of the job. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

          It is always the last part, the finishing and the finished product that attracts us. The pretty still life, the flouncy squaredance dress, the lovely cookies. We want it all to start and finish with accuracy, beauty and good taste. And, we want it NOW.

          We are also like this in our spiritual journey. I hesitate to use that "spiritual" word, because it has come to mean something other than religous, but it fits here. We want to have the joy and beauty of Heaven, NOW. We want to see Jesus NOW. We want to see those we love and have lost, NOW.

         We can have some of that NOW, but not all. We can have the peace Jesus said we could have and then the eternal life after. We need to relax and enjoy the life we have. Warts and all. Sickness and all. Loneliness and all. Christ is there beside us, with us through it all and joy will come in the morning.

          In this Christmas season when we celebrate the birth of Christ, let us all pause and enjoy all the hard work we have done to make it a wonderful, joy-filled season. And remember, through Christ all things are possible.

       Blessed Christmas.

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