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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


     It has been a while since I posted and thought that today would be a great day for that.

     Here in the Ozarks we have been waiting for a HUGE storm for days now, and it finally arrived this morning. It started by raining, freezing, sleet, then almost sleet and finally, snow. We probably have about five inches with more to come sometime today.

     The last storm we had I was at my daughter's taking care of munchkin while she took care of some things. We got about three inches of snow at her house and schools closed for two days, so we got to do some snow fun. Munchkin made a most beautiful snowangel. I got to clean off the driveway. Ah, well, at least one of us had fun.

      It will be a day of two before I try to clean off my drive here at home.

     We spent several years in Minnesota when our children were young and had plenty of days of snow, but not much school closings. I remember one in particularly that the boys, mine and a neighbor, made a snow fort with tunnels and mazes and all kinds of good stuff. Fun times for all.

      The nice thing about snow in the Ozarks is that it doesn't last long. We may have snow cover for a week this time, but probably not longer than that. As far as I am concerned, a day would be just fine. Come on back sun and melt that snow.

      Enjoy your snow if you have any, and enjoy the warmth if you have it. 

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