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Monday, February 7, 2011


     We very rarely have had this much snow stay this long and now, they are predicting more for tomorrow, but they are not going overboard with the prediction. Only three to five inches this time.

    I had to cancel two doctor appointments last week. I rescheduled them for this week. Apparently, my crystal ball was not working well in the weather department. I had to keep one on the same day of the week, and I moved the other to a different day. The different day may work out, the same day one we will have to see about.

    We got about 4 inches of snow on Friday. It was a surprise. However, it was very pretty. There was no wind with it and no ice, so the trees just looked frosted with marshmallows. It was not heavy, so, there was no damage to the trees. Just very Christmas card looking.

    I know that the entire country is having a hard winter, but when it is in your backyard, it feels worse. Of course, we don't have the equipment to move the amounts of snow that the northern states have, so it takes awhile, but I have to say that Missouri and Branson did a great job of getting the main roads cleared. There were some back roads that still had spots of snow cover on Friday before the new snow came, but all in all, the road people have done a great job.

    It is kind of fun to go out right after a storm, when not many people are there, and just enjoy the stores and the scenery. Not so much fun walking in some of the parking lots, but being careful, you have no problems.

    Well, have a blessed day and enjoy your time wherever you are.

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  1. Yep, we have had lots of snow. 10 inches last wekk and then another about 2 on Friday ~~ Surprise =) But we have an ice butterfly, courtesy of Dak and a Snowman courtesy of Papa, Daddy and Sir Cuteness. Yep fun has been had by all!!

    Love you Auntie,