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Saturday, February 26, 2011


     Waitresses fascinate me. Some are so good. Some are so bad.

     I know that they depend on the tips they get to make the amount of wage they get make ends meet. What I don't quite comprehend is why they think that tips are mandatory. Tips are voluntary. They are usually calculated on service.

    Now, that may be a new concept to some. I know that in most large cities it is expected and almost demanded, but here in my world, the small town USA it depends on the service.

   Where I live we have a lot of buffets. Those of you who know Branson, know that is a given. It is nice. It is an opportunity to have a large variety available to everyone, and you really don't have to try to clear the buffet of food. You should take only what you will eat and, clean your plate, but that is up to you.

    A buffet does not require much of a waitress, as in, taking and remembering orders and where they go and all that. They are to bring some drinks and keep the plates picked up when dirty and bring clean ones.
They should also wear a smile and a friendly voice. It doesn't take that much to say, " Y'all doin' okay? Need water, pop or other?" and pick up the plates and go on.

   The last two times we were out to buffets, our waitress did none of those things, unless shouted down and asked.

   I would like to say right here, that we are tippers. And good ones. The amounts may not be much to some, but the per centage is good. When you are only two people and you drink water, the bill isn't much, so we increase the per centage so that the tip is good. I have never figured out how to let someone who is waiting on me know that I tip for good service.

   I know that at one time you could leave a penny and that would let the person know that with good service comes good tips and with bad service, bad tips. I think now, they would just think you dropped a penny.

   It doesn't ruin a good meal, but it makes it less enjoyable if you have to ask for a refill on water or another napkin or plate.

  Hopefully,our next foray into the buffet or restaurant will net us a great waitress.

  Remember, smile, say thank you and be kind to your neighbors.

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  1. A good waiter or waitress definitely makes the experience of spending your hard-earned money on a meal out more worth it.

    Love you Auntie ~~