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Sunday, February 27, 2011


   I, like thousands of others, hate to shop for clothes. It is however necessary from time to time.

   A more accurate statement may be,"I hate trying on clothes." I really have a problem with jeans. I grew up being told girls don't wear pants, and especially jeans, out for dates.

   So, here I am in my mature age, shopping for and wearing jeans. I have worn them for a few years and enjoy them.

   I lost some weight and needed some new ones. This was after surgery and my tummy was not wanting tight. I found some that looked nice and felt good. The problem with them was that after fifteen minutes of wearing them, they were falling off me. I tried a belt. That worked. I didn't like it. So, that meant wash after each wearing.

   I then found some that were perfect in the fit department. A bit snug when first put on, but thought that they would stretch, as most do, after wearing.

   Yep. Wrong. They do not stretch. Next size is too big. So, I wear them and they are okay.

   The question I would like answered is how do you get a good jean fit? I would like it snug, but not tight around the waist and tummy with loose legs and long, to the ground. I guess just try them on.

   I have even bought two pair of the same brand, design and size, at the same time and have each fit differently. Have no idea why.

  I was told once by a sister-in-law that worked at a garment factory that it depends on where the material is located in the stack they cut. The cutters angle in from top to bottom, so that the ones on top are bigger than the ones on bottom. Now if they would just label them for me, I could find the ones that fit. Maybe.

  Here's to great fitting jeans.

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  1. Okay so let me just tell ya, the best fitting pair of jeans I own (okay their jean capris, but work with me), I got at a garage sale. Not even kidding!!! I heart them. They make me happy. So I googled the brand and found out they come from The Buckle and for a mere, $50.00 or $75.00 or something RIDICULOUS like that, I can have my very own. No thanks, I'll take the ones I bought for three dollars and wear the seat out of them....thank you very much. =)

    Yes, I know.....this helped you ZERO. Sorry. I tried =)

    Love you Auntie,

    PS Sent dad a card for his birthday. Baby steps right? I love you ~~ thanks for helping me in this are the best!!!!!