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Friday, April 3, 2015


Image result for activities of agingChanges happen all the time in our lives. Some are physical, some emotional, some are geographical. As we age our physical bodies change and we can't do much about it. The best thing is to accept it and go on.
Emotionally, we change and become a little more thoughtful on how we react to those emotions.  We don't storm and do the door-slamming thing any more, or as much. There still is nothing more satisfying to me when I am upset, than a good slam of the door.

Image result for activities of agingWe have learned to control our outward reaction to our emotions. It is called growing up and getting smarter.With age, we have learned that things work themselves out, whether we stomp or sit and wait.
Geographically, we may move closer to relatives or farther away when we retire. Closer so that we can see the grand kids, or farther to find sunshine and warmth.
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 Our ways of making friends change, too. When the children were little and you were working, you made friends through the children or at work. If you attended church or temple or whatever your religion is, you met friends there. If you moved, it was work-related and you were plugged in to people there, and made new friends. Now, you are retired and relocate you may find it harder to make friends, unless you retire to the place you have run to for fun during vacations.


  1. Such a good C word and a good topic. My husband and I are on the fence of whether to run to the sun or stay with the kids:)
    Good luck with the rest of the Challenge.

    1. Thank you for your comment. It has been said that change is good, sometimes the jury stays out for a while on that verdict. Good luck on your choice of change.